Sally Helm at Valley Willwriting provides a professional, friendly bespoke will writing and Lasting Power of Attorney service for people living in Calderdale and further afield in West Yorkshire.

You’re never too young to make a Will or Lasting Power of Attorney. You don’t have to be wealthy or have complex family relationships as we each have a unique set of circumstances and our own wishes. Whatever these are, making a Will is the only way to ensure that the assets you’ve worked hard for and the people you care about, are looked after when you die. It may seem a bit unnecessary to start planning this now, but it is something we should all be doing. Valley Willwriting can help plan this for you.

A Will is not just about the ‘who gets what’, it has the potential to reduce any inheritance tax you might have to pay, it can help avoid family squabbles, and crucially, if you have young children, it lets you choose who should bring them up should you die unexpectedly. Essentially, it saves everyone a lot of worry and at such a difficult time, it makes life easier for those who are left behind. See more 

If you have a serious accident or illness or become too frail to make your own decisions, these won’t automatically be made by those closest to you. Without a Lasting Power of Attorney already in place, there is no-one of your choice who has the legal authority to make decisions on your behalf. Valley Willwriting can help make sure this doesn’t happen.

Valley Willwriting is all about ensuring peace of mind. I aim to see my clients in their own home, or via video call if preferred, so I can take the time to get all the information I need to draw up a Will that fits their wishes and their circumstances, and importantly, a Will that’s compliant with the Law so there are no nasty surprises in the future.

Sally is proud to be a Trusted Trader for AgeUK Calderdale & Kirklees, and a qualified, insured Member of the Institute of Professional Willwriters.

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